These pedigree pregnant alpacas have been chosen to provide a variety of options for those people who want to begin their alpaca adventure. The price of alpacas is heavily dependent on their age.  

Reason? The youngest alpacas represent the most advanced breeding inm that they have alonger pedigree and represent more selection in thier breeding and they have the most number of breeding years left ahead of them. The older alpacas obviously have less breeding years  ahead of them but they can breed consistently up to about 14. Having said that we   have had 18 year olds give birth here at Toft but that is definitely not the norm. Naturally the younger alpacas also have more pedigree than the older ones. The other factor are the genetics of the cria inside the alpaca and the pedigree of the mother and the stud male she has been mated to. Remember when you buy a pregnant alpaca you are effectively buying two not one.

If you are new to Alpacas and considering starting your alpaca advcenture then please take on board one piece of advice.

ALWAYS BUY BAS REGISTERED ALPACAS: - The value of your alpacas is dependent on pedigree- unregistrered alpacas have none and as such will not retain their value.

All of these quality females are bred to our prizewining stud males. All save one have had cria previously and often to the same breeding so there is also some predictabiliity to the outcomes but as always in alpacas there are never any gaurantees as to colour or sex.

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 Here we have the youngest pregnant alpaca at just over 2 years old

 TOFT Moazagoatl (SW)

 3 pregnant alpacas at just over  4 yrs old

  TOFT Amiliya (SW),TOFT Kanoko (SW), TOFT Kayin (SW)

 2 pregnant alpacas at 6 years old

 TOFT Namorita (SW), TOFT Destiny (SW)

 2 pregnant alpacas at 9 years old

 TOFT Cho Chang (SBLK), TOFT Patrica (SW)

1 non pregnant alpaca at 11 years old

 TOFT Bree (SLF)


Choosing your alpacas:- Never choose without seeing them. The online platform is only an indication of what is on offer. Direct contact with the alpaca and the seller is the only way to make a secure decision. Hands on appraisal, walking and speding time with your portential purchases is the only way to go. 

These are not by any means the only we have for sale. These alpacas have been selected to give you an indication of what is on offer. This enables you to mix and match to add to or create your own herd. There are many options available- If your  budget is strong you could always choose the three or four youngest. Or you could choose one from each group, creating a herd with a mixture of age and experience. Or if your budget is tight you could go for the older alpacas safe in the knowledge that they are all proven mums and regardless of age the cria will be of real quality.

As you can see there are many possibilities to consider. Once you have some idea of the alpacas you are interested in then get in touch with us direct to arrange a visit to view the alpacas. There is no commitment to buy the visit is for you to see if you like the way we have bred and manage these alpacas and for you to get an idea of the amount expertise and support you will access if you buy your alpacas from Toft.   We offer major discounts for multiple purchases. If you want to choose any two or more of the above we gaurantee we will do our very best to come up with a deal to suit your aspiration.

If you are interested in any of the above -you can contact us now to reserve your options.  Of course none of this will exclude you getting to meet the alpacas and finalise your choice. We do not sell our alpacas without meeting their prospective owners. We do not sell alpacas without being confident that you will have enough knowledge to take good care of them. If you decide to buy our alpacas we will make sure you have all the knowledge you need to take good care of them. We deliver We are also on hand 24/7 to  guide you through your the first year of your adventure. 

Interested? Then make a few choices and get in touch.

Shirley:- 07970 626245

Rob:- 07973 123008

If none of the alpacas featured here suit your aspiration then please get in touch with your requirements. We have over 120 alpacas on farm in all colours and ages. If we don't have what you want we will certainly know someone who does.



Have Fun...See you soon... Rob & Shirl