We have been breeding Suris at TOFT for over 17 years. Due to a major on farm reorganisation we have decided to release the the whole of the TOFT Suri Alpaca Herd for sale over the coming season. Every Suri is for sale and all enquiries and offers are welcome.


This creates a mass of  opportunites for people wanting to expand into Suris at a reasonable price, for  breeders wanting to add pedigree Suris to their herd for interest or contrast, or the fibre junkies wanting to add suri into their mix of creative possibiities. We have a whole range of ages and colours available.

We will tailor alpaca packages to suit all individual needs and budgets. All packages will include, training, delivery and 24/7 support until you are confident in your own management. 

So if you are smitten with Suri alpacas follow the links and create your own starter herds select in any combination you want and we will provide a price to match your aspiration.

If you are a beginner with a dream that includes Suri alpacas please get in touch and we will give of our experience to get you started along the path to realising your dream within your budget ...

Want to get a head start in Suri Alpacas? Does your budget extend to purchasing the TOFT Suri Alpaca Herd?

This is also a unique opportunity to those Suri alpaca fans who would like to  purchase a complete pedigree herd of Suri alpacas. Bred with all the attention to detail we have gathered at TOFT in over 20 years of breeding alpacas. 

We have been breeding Suri Alpacas at TOFT for 17 years. 

This small Suri Alpaca herd will provide a very solid genetic platform for someone wanting to take the whole of the TOFT Suri alpaca herd forward.

The TOFT Suri alpaca herd is an organic well established working herd of mixed ages, all good working mothers  and some very beautiful young stock. If you were interested in buying the whole herd there would be a considerable discount and we would include the junior males and the pet males free of charge.

TOTAL ALPACA SURIS is a working herd of Suris which would definitely jump start your Suri aspiration. Should you be interested in buying the whole herd as a a whole then major discounts will apply.

All alpacas are to be sold either as a complete package or as individuals and smaller groups on a first come first served basis. All packages will include training, delivery and 24/7 support until you are confident with your own management.

If Suris are your passion then the TOFT herd is well worth consideration.