is the daughter of


DOB: 19/08/2020 Colour: solid white Price: £4000 +vat


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TOFT Jargel Elite Brown huacaya female for sale at TOFT Alpaca Stud





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Year AFD SD CV %>30


Mid Side

20.0 3.6 18 0.8


Lower Mid Side

19.4 3.2 16.7 0.8












Fleece tested from a 2 inch midside and lower mid side sample by the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority using the butt end principle. 

TOFT MOAZAGOATL is a solid white female . She is a daughter  of TOFT TORNADO (SLF)  and TOFT MIRA (SW).

TOFT Tornado is the full brother of our National Champion Dark Brown male Toft Timogen.

TOFT Tornado is Solid Light fawn and is exhibiting, at 8 years old, a distinct longevity of fineness. He carries a superfine very uniform fleece with density and an exceptional handle. He is throwing the same positive traits over his offspring as his brother TOFT Timogen and his late father LAVENDER PARK TULLEY.

TOFT MOAZAGOATL is exhibiting and maintaining a very uniform consistent fleece with the quality extending right out to the extremeties of the alpaca. As you can see from the most recent fleece statisitics above  the closeness of the mid side and lower mid side stats are proof she is carrying a very impressive uniformity in her fleece. 

TOFT MOAZAGOATL  is female at the forefront of the TOFT Alpacas Breeding over the past 25 years. As you can see she has a dark fawn spot on her back right thigh but she does not carry any other dark fibres in her fleece.  She is currently pregnant for 2024 to our very dense Medium Fawn Stud Male Cuzco Freddy who has produced many prizewinning alpacas for us here over the past couple of years. We are confident she will consistently throw coloured cria with exceptional fleece traits.

TOFT MOAZAGOATL  represents a real opportunity for aspiring breeders to purchase a young very advanced alpaca to  jump start their alpaca adventure.  

TOFT MOAZAGOATL - is pregnant for 2024 to our Medium Fawn Stud Male CUZCO FREDDY . 

EDD:- 12/07/2024  

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