TOFT alpacas offers your females…

– On farm mating
Off farm mobile mating
– On farm mobile mating
– Leased sires to help you achieve your breeding goals.

We also have quality herd sires and some proven stud males for sale.


We maintain strict quarantine protocols to protect the TOFT Herd and our clients' alpacas whilst resident with us. Our farm naturally splits into three separate areas which has enabled us to maintain a quarantine/isolation policy for a number of years with visiting alpacas and with our own alpacas which travel off farm.

We have two specialised on farm isolation/quarantine facilities involving 32 paddocks to ensure that client animals residing with us for mating can remain within their own family or friendship group in their own paddock, as part of a larger herd.

We maintain these protocols to protect all the alpacas in our care and manage any risk to the absolute minimum we can achieve.


At TOFT we expect total transparency regarding movement and contact information from all herds applying for mating services from our males.

All visiting alpacas will be allocated their own quarantine paddock. The only direct contact with any other alpaca during their stay would be via mating itself when the TOFT male of choice would be brought to the female's paddock, where they will be pen mated. Once the job is done he will leave to enter his own quarantine facility. There will be no on farm paddock mating.

All males used for client matings or who have moved off farm for mating are kept quarantined from the other TOFT Stud males which remain on farm at all times. There are no agistment charges for females or crias who are resident for mating. The females, once scanned pregnant at 60 days from their last mating date, will be returned to or collected by their owner.

We offer a live birth guarantee with every mating up to a limit of three months of age. If you should lose the cria for any reason before that time we will re-mate as soon as is mutually convenient at no cost.

We will pick up and deliver at cost.


We have never run our males great distances to mate, preferring not to stress them with too much travel. We have never supported the practice where a male may visit several farms in a day. We offer a very select mobile mating service to clients within a fifty mile radius of the farm who are willing to adhere to the same level of bio security as ourselves.

We expect total transparency regarding movement, contact and health information from all herds applying for mating services from our males. We would prefer the client to use their own male for spit off purposes. We will loan a male for this purpose if necessary.

We would expect the females to be penned individually for mating purposes. We do not paddock mate. We will work closely with the client to achieve a smooth pregnancy and set the visiting schedules around the cycles but reserve the right to recommend other options to progress the process should pregnancy prove elusive.

We offer a live birth guarantee with every mating up to a limit of one month of age. If you should lose the cria for any reason before that time we will re mate as soon as is mutually convenient at no cost.


Should the client find it easier or more economic to bring small groups of females to TOFT for mobile mating, the same protocols as above apply except when the female arrives she will be penned and mated within our quarantine facility and leave immediately after. There will also be some consideration given with regard to the mating fee as there would be slightly less work on our part using this routine.


For those clients with a number of females to mate who wish to keep their own alpacas on farm, we have been leasing males for the past couple of seasons with some success. Leasing is where, for a set fee, usually related to the number of matings, you 'hire' a male for a season or part season where he resides on your farm for mating purposes. This has considerable advantages, for the client, the alpaca, and ourselves…

– It is cheaper, as there are minimal travel costs, labour costs etc.
It enables an inexperienced client to gain breeding experience.
It gives the client total flexibility to set their own mating schedules around their female's needs.
It enables the client to create an income by offering the TOFT male to third parties as long as the same mating and quarantine protocols are adhered to as we  practice at TOFT.
It allows the client access to improved genetics without the permanent commitment and huge outlay of purchasing a stud male.
It provides the client with multiple options of cheaper top class genetics season to season with which to progress their breeding.
It provides TOFT with an outlet to prove our up-and-coming males.

Normally these leased males will be our up-and-coming males which, once proven, we will be using at TOFT in years to come. Leasing males should be considered a serious economic option which allows our clients to work with us on the front foot to improve their breeding.

To view the current selectionof stud males for mating click HERE.


If none of the above options suits your breeding ambitions then it could be time for you to consider purchasing one of our herd sires. We always have top quality genetics available in all colours with some stunning males for sale at very reasonable prices for those who would rather own their male.

Normally these will be unproven males who once proven will increase in value. As they come into maturity for their first season it will prove a reasonable investment that may well produce great rewards. Click HERE to see TOFT Stud Males for sale.


We have a very limited number of proven stud males for sale, most with show records and progeny on the ground for those who want more of a guarantee and are willing to pay a premium. Click HERE to see TOFT Stud Males for sale.

As always there are options within the options and possibilitis not neccesarily in the shop window. If you can't immediately find what you want then give us a call so we can work with you to solve your breeding ambitions.

Contact details can be found HERE.