is the son of

LAVENDER PARK Tulley (AUS) and TOFT Nashira

DOB: 06/06/2013 Colour: Solid Dark Brown Stud fee: £740

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TOFT Timogen Champion Dark Brown Stud Male standing at TOFT Alpaca Stud


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Year AFD SD CV %>30
2017 19.8 4.3 21.9 3.0
2017 18.8 3.9 21 1.2
2016 19.2 4.4 22.8 2.1
2015 15.8 3.1 19.6 0.1
2014 14.1 2.3 16.2 0.1











 All Fleece statistics are taken annually from a midside sample - tested at the Yocom- Mcoll Testing Laboratories, Inc  USA

TOFT Timogen- Is the son of LAVENDER PARK Tulley and TOFT Nashira who are both champions in their own right. His fleece stats are truly exceptional and speak for themselves. His show record has been exemplary. TOFT Timogen won the Champion Brown at the BAS Nationals two consecutive years was Reserve at his third attempt ( He was changing his teeth at the time)

TOFT Timogen is maintaining a superfine dense fleece as he matures and if he takes after his mother and father, which he looks as if he is doing, then he will maintain that fineness, density and uniformity until the day he dies. As his stats testify this trait alone  'longevity of fineness' makes him a very unique male. A male that will have a profound long term affect on your breeding program. If you want the very best in UK alpaca genetics then you must consider using TOFT Timogen over your very best girls.

TOFT Timogen  now works as a syndicated male and is jointly owned by three alpaca farms, PATOU, INCA and TOFT. As such he has a lot of demand on his time. The syndicate has agreed to make available a select few matings each season. If you are serious about wanting some of the best coloured alpaca genetics available in the UK today then please contact us ASAP. Toft Timogen is normally resident here at the beggining of the season. For us that is normallly the first week of May until July. 

Contact:- Rob & Shirley- 01788 810626,, 07970 626245,, 07973 123008

Shirley Bettinson of TOFT with our Champion Brown Stud Male TOFT Timogen