is the son of


DOB: 31/05/2014 Colour: Solid Light Fawn Stud fee: £650

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TOFT Jaina Medium Brown Stud Male son of Peruvian Skywalker of TOFT

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Year AFD SD CV %>30
2021 26.1 5.2 20 20.5
2020 24.8 5.2 21.1 14.08
2019 25.8 5.0 19.6 16.2
2018 21.7 4.4 20.4 3.8
2017 20.8 4.2 20.3 3.3










   All Fleece statistics prior to 2020 are taken annually from a 2 inch square midside sample - tested at the Yocom- Mcoll Testing Laboratories, Inc  USA

All fleece statistice  post 2020 are taken annually from a 2 inch square midside sample- tested by the New Zealand Wool Authority

TOFT Tamburlaine is a beautifully balanced, well conformed and compact alpaca with a very typey head, showing excellent coverage and a very gentle nature. He is maintaining a well crimped, fine, soft, dense fleece which is  very consistent  throughout. 

Unfortunately, as an intermediate he got tangled in the stock fence of his paddock and badly wrenched his shoulder. This put him out of the showring in his prime and it looked for a time as if he might not make it as a TOFT Stud Male. Which given his very positive attributes would have been a terrible waste.

Fortunately after lots of TLC and time we are pleased to announce he made a full recovery from his accident. He may well get a little stiff on a cold winters day but he has successfuly consistently mated every season and has no problem asserting his will on the females. TOFT Tamburlaine now has produced some very impressive fawn offspring in recent years some of which can be viewed on farm.

TOFT Tamburlaine produced TOFT Tarkhan who won Champion Brown Male at the British Alpaca Society National Show in 2019. TOFT Tarkhan, sadly now deceased grew to be an excepional male with stunning conformation and an extremely dense, fine uniform fleece which cut alomost 4kg clean fleece wieght in 2021. Sadly we lost him soon after through no fault of his own but he was truly magnificent. 'twas ever thus...


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